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People Insurance offers services in over 40 states and has been providing competitive insurance rates for our customers since 1990. As one of the Top Property and Casualty Agencies in the state with an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, you can rest assured that People Insurance will find you the best rates to compare from the most reliable carriers in the market. Personal service, expert personnel, and exceeding of expectations are just a few of the reasons why our customers rave about our services.

Our knowledgeable agents are committed to providing a solution that fits both your budget and insurance needs. What’s even better is that we don’t just offer one insurance solution, we offer a wide range of options to fill all of your insurance needs at competitive prices. We provide services for home, auto, flood, health, life, commercial insurance, and much more.

Why spend countless hours comparing prices and confusing options? Our solutions­ based services eliminate the burden ­ we’ll match you with the best prices while also meeting your insurance needs.

Our Services

Auto Insurance

Car insurance Florida is the minimum requirement for the drivers through which they can get death and injury benefit..

Commercial Insurance

Workers’ compensation insurance (workers’ comp insurance) is a mandatory type of insurance carried by many businesses.

Health Insurance

It is very important to get the health insurance Florida that will meet your healthcare needs. The past few years saw the rise..

Home Owners Insurance

If you are a new or start‐up business, or are a current business owner who is expanding to include employees..

Life insurance

Get your future secured with life insurance. And if you want to make sure that you will get the best that your life insurance..

Retirement Insurance

Increasing life expectancy rate, rising health care costs, absence of social security system in India and disintegration of joint family system

Customer Reviews

  • People Insurance and Associates is the place to shop for all your insurance needs. I packaged my home and auto together and saved over $300 a year. My agent shopped around and got me the best rate. I would recommend everyone to use people Insurance and Associates for finding the best insurance rates.

    Mary S.
    Mary S. Tampa, FL
  • I just saved over $400 on my Homeowners Insurance Florida with people Insurance and Associates. My agent was very helpful, got me discounts I did not even know about and shopped all the carriers to make sure I was getting the best deal. Thanks people Insurance! I will recommend you to everyone.

    Joan P.
    Joan P. Orlando,FL
  • My Agent at people Insurance and Associates shopped all the Auto and Home Insurance companies to see who gave me the best rate and plan. people Insurance's agents are knowledgeable and very polite. I will put all my insurance’s with people Insurance. Thanks for the savings!

    John H.
    John H.Jacksonville, FL
  • I am just about to reach retirement and I was confused over insurance options available to me until I came across the People Insurance Group. They were just terrific and helped me to select cover at an affordable price for my both my vision and dental needs - the two things that I value the most and are keen to retain in good condition for as long as I can. They offered me a great deal in insurance, so hopefully I will never need to worry about dentures as I can keep my teeth in tip top condition. Top marks go to the People Insurance Group.

    Carl G.
    Carl G.
  • I often worry about having an accident and losing my ability to walk, but never really thought I could get suitable insurance cover just in case a bad driver hit me while on a sidewalk. I was so lucky to find the People Insurance Group as they offer a great deal for disability insurance! Now I am rest assured that as I get older and less agile and are more likely to have an accident I will not have to find any money for treatment or rehabilitation. Their insurance agent was very informative and discussed all the various insurance options open to me and I will certainly recommend this company to my friends and relatives.

    Sammy K.
    Sammy K.
  • I had already taken out a great health insurance deal with the People Insurance Group but I realized under the Affordable Care Act insurance companies don’t include vision insurance in their health insurance package. I worried about this for days as I was afraid if I damaged my eyes I would not be able to afford any treatment. My fears were soon dispelled when I eventually decided to call my insurer at the People Insurance Group who offered me a great affordable deal that would help to ensure I kept my sight intact forever. The People Insurance Group certainly will be recommended by me.

    Martha H.
    Martha H.
  • The Affordable Care Act says that everyone is required to take out health insurance whatever their economic status or age and if they don’t, they may have to pay a penalty. This got me searching wildly for an affordable insurance company and I was so fortunate to find the People Insurance Group. The insurance agent who handled my case explained the Act to me carefully and said paying for health insurance would benefit me immensely such as being taken to the best hospital in the area if I happened to have an accident. I never really thought about it before but the advice given and the insurance package offered was really affordable and for the first time in my life I don’t worry about saving for health care.

    Chou W.
    Chou W.
  • Teeth - who ever really cares about them until they start falling out? The knowledgeable insurance agents at the People Insurance Group soon put an end to that sort of thinking when they explained to me the benefits of taking out dental insurance. They told me that the basic dental insurance package covers for regular teeth cleaning with a dental hygienist. I had never even heard of a dental hygienist until then and the kind, thoughtful insurance agent from the People Insurance Group explained that regular dental cleaning by a dental hygienist could save my teeth and expensive treatment in the long run. That got me thinking and I managed to organize a great dental insurance package with the kindly agent at the People Insurance Group.

    Peter V.
    Peter V.
  • Insurers are often thought to be a necessary evil and are businesses you love to hate. This is not my experience at all at least not when I was seeking health insurance for the first time with the People Insurance Group. I had never bothered with health insurance as I had lost a kidney in an auto accident as a child and whenever my parents had tried to include me in their health insurance package they were turned down without explanation. Well we all know why and that was because I was an insurance risk. All has changed since President Obama introduced the Affordable Care Act as now no insurance company can turn down an applicant because of a pre-existing condition. The lady who handled my case at the People Insurance Group was simply great and offered me an excess free insurance package that covered every possible medical emergency. No mention at all about my missing kidney.

    Marcie W.
    Marcie W.
  • I thought that I should take out life insurance as I was getting older but this can be quite difficult as the premiums for older people can be prohibitive. I came across the People Insurance Group and liked the name and I contacted one of their agents who barely took notice of my age and did not even ask for a medical report or even my medical history. The whole life insurance concept was explained to me in an easy to understand way and I was given several options. After further discussion I decided to take out a very cost-effective life insurance option which will give me peace of mind as I move into my older years. I will certainly be recommending the People Insurance Group to anyone who is seeking a life insurance package.

    Jose M.
    Jose M.

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